Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1955 Underwood Universal Quiet Tab

Typewriter Porn - 1955 Underwood Universal Quiet Tab

A great typewriter, but not perfect. In desperate need of a new ribbon, which I have just ordered. This was a $20 eBay "Buy it Now" item and I just got it in a few days ago. Very happy with it.


I've been doing a podcast called CRAZY LIKE A SNAKE at for the past several weeks. Topics vary but show #6 from a few weeks ago was all about typewriters. I'm adding a new segment at the end of new shows, also called "Typewriter Confessions", that details my experiences with my growing family of machines. They're released every Thursday, and show #8 is due this week. Check it out if you can.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Typewriter Porn - 1948-ish Remington Rand Portable De Luxe

The oldest and most troubled of my babies, yet still in working order. A good solid machine that I paid $13 for on eBay a while back. I think it's fantastic that I can still use this as originally intended despite the fact that it's over 60 years old. You think computers will last that long? Why don't I ask the iMac from 2001 that can't be upgraded past OSX 10.3.9? You know, the one that originally sold for $1500 but I got for $15...and I may have overpaid.

Typewriter Porn - 1960s Sears Citation 12

This baby is all metal. It's a rebadged Smith-Corona sold by Sears. I picked it up at a thrift store for $10 about six months ago. Fantastic condition. This was the first typewriter I'd used in nearly 20 years and it fueled my current obsession. Simply a wonderful machine.

Typewriter Porn - 1950s Smith-Corona Skyriter

Video shot by me of my latest machine that came in yesterday. Fantastic typewriter. I can't tell you how wonderful it is. I may weep openly.

Typewriter Confessions!

Click on the images. They become larger. Too large? It's all subjective in this crazy world. This is my blog where my typewriter obsession can thrive. It's everything about manual typewriters and nothing about electrics. Here's a word of advice: if you're going to use an electric, you might as well use a computer. You're fooling no one. I will not traffick in them or tolerate their presence here. That is all.