Thursday, August 29, 2013


Have had some internet connectivity problems lately, as well as my usual lethargy. My ISP has promised to restore my service by early next week, so perhaps I'll get back to the regular posting again. I also have some news about my stories that will be appearing on Amazon for the Kindle soon. I'll clue you in on that as it happens. Back soon!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Send Monkeys!, or: Problem? I Don't Have a Problem.

I've been compared to a cat lady. It just happened. In my defense, a typewriter doesn't climb into bed with you and fart in your face.

I suspect that this place is haunted. I'm going to put paper in all of them tonight and those ghosts had better have a story for me by morning. Earn your keep, dead people.

I tried to group them by manufacturer, but that didn't work as well as I liked. So I just went by tallest to shortest, like in a class picture. That also didn't work.

It may be a sign of my obsessive condition to let you know that I bought my first typewriter in 1988. It was a Montgomery-Ward Signature 510 (Brother rebranding). I used it until 1995 when I got my first computer. I didn't own or use one again until 2010, when I literally stumbled over a Sears Citation 12 in a thrift store for $10. So, all these typewriters have been purchased since then. There is a Signature 510 in the above picture (top row, second from left) but it's not my original one. I no longer own that. But it's just as crappy in every way as that one was.

 These all actually work (to varying degrees, let's not get crazy), though I cannibalized the ribbon spools from the Olivetti 22 (the one without the ribbon cover). I do have extras but I haven't located them yet. It works fairly well but has a few issues. Also, my two Smith-Corona electrics are here (second row). I normally frown on electrics, unless they're $10 and they work.

The Underwood and the Royal HH flank the empty space where whatever typewriter I'm currently using will go. I like to switch out and use them all from time to time, just to keep everything working.

Fortress of Typetude

 The work has begun. I'm making the effort to display them all properly, but this is just a studio apartment. Not much I can do, really. They need their own room. There are more than thirty more.

Left to right: Scholastic T-4 (Royal Dart rebadge), Hermes Rocket, Sears Chevron, Underwood 330, Smith-Corona Skyriter, Montgomery Ward Escort 350.