Friday, November 29, 2013

Shameless Plug

I try to keep busy. This is my book, openly and blatantly for sale ($2.99) as a Kindle purchase on the Amazon dot com. It contains seven short stories of varying quality and coherency, all written by me. There is one story in particular, "The Medulla Oblongata Affair", which is typewriter-specific, perhaps even a bit obsessive. There are also, as the book's title indicates, zombies, vampires, and monkeys. The title fails to mention time travel, cats, and boobs. There is a bit of that as well. The Beatles shot JFK...did you know that? You will.

If you have Amazon Prime, you may borrow the book for free. This is also great, because I still get paid when that happens. So borrow it and don't read it, I don't care.

Working on new stuff as well, and it will also be available in e-book form as I complete it. If nothing else, visit my Amazon author page to get a good look at me in mustache mode.

1 comment:

  1. That is a very rockin' 'stache, but the long, incredibly thin white ponytail running down your right shoulder is a bit odd. (: