Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Go Ahead...Make My Day.

Dirty Harry, late-1950s Royal Heritage typewriter.

Dirty Harry, early-1970s renegade cop.

The $15 thrift store typewriter was operational but dirty, the key tops were all covered in gunk. I gave them a good scrubbing, cleaned up the outside of the machine, and then gave it a light oiling. It still had the square Roytype Twin-Pak ribbons in it. I have no idea when those were last made. Luckily it also takes a standard ribbon, so I gave it a new one. Works fine as far as I can tell.

Keys look much better than before. These old typewriters just need a little love.

The Royal Heritage was sold exclusively by Montgomery-Ward stores beginning in about 1958. It's basically a Royal Futura 800 without touch control or pop-up paper supports. It's a weird brownish-gray, which seems to be the only color these came in. The Futura, however, was available in numerous color schemes. My favorite feature so far: push the "Royal" emblem on the front and the ribbon cover pops open. Outstanding.

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