Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Second Opinion

Was out again today prowling antique and thrift stores. Same old machines, marked at their high prices, not selling. I told you about the Tower President a few weeks ago that was marked $6 and I believed it to be an error in pricing. Today it was still there. I looked around the booth (in an antiques mall) and noticed that all of the vendor's goods there were ridiculously cheap. A huge stand-up radio from the '30s was $32.50, some books were $1.25. I took the typewriter to the front of the store to confirm the price on the tag. It was correct. The lady at the counter told me that the vendor attended a lot of auctions and estate sales and didn't really care if he made a huge profit on his stuff. Well, all right then. I bought it. You don't have to tell me twice.

Finally, a President I would actually vote for.
Now, you may remember there was another Tower President I had looked at. This one was in perfect physical condition except none of the keys worked.  I saw that one again today, unsold. I think it was still marked $25. No deal. The one I bought actually works, if a bit rusty. I noticed the space bar seemed broken, but it's just the plastic part of it coming loose. It can be snapped back on or otherwise repaired. No big deal, and still a bargain at $6.

No. Just no. Stop pretending to be a typewriter.
I consider it a mark of semi-maturity that I did not buy this one. I did check it out and found it to be lacking. If it was $5, maybe...but $12.99? For a cheap plastic Chinese-made Generation 3000 typewriter? And allegedly one of the worst typewriters ever made? I can't have it mixing with my other machines. It would be bad karma, and a bad influence on the rest of my children. I understand that some people would be fine with it...and maybe it does work, who knows? But it's not for me. Also, when I was young, I heard a tale of an Asian fellow, who, while playing a prank, put urine into the soft drink of another gentleman. I guess you had to be there.

Another day, another $60 typewriter. 
This Remington looked promising, but the $59.99 price tag put me off. I didn't even check it out. I find it disappointing that the price point for used typewriters in Lufkin (with very few exceptions) is around $60.  This isn't practical in the real world. The most expensive typewriter I've ever purchased on Ebay, shipping included, came in well under that price. But of course I've bought a lot of broken crap, so go figure.


  1. An unfortunate side effect of typewriters gaining in popularity is the price is going up, way up.

  2. As far as today's prices go, I think $60 for that Remington is below what it'd go for on eBay. I've been looking out for one and they've all gone out of my reach. :/

  3. I agree about the prices going up. Our little secret is out, and the price speculation vultures are stalking the typewriter section of eBay.

  4. I second what Nick says about the Remington. You'd sell it for more than that on Ebay.

  5. If it's there when I go back in a few days, I'll check it out. There's no guarantee it even works, though it looks good.