Thursday, February 13, 2014

Together Again For the First Time: The Deep East Texas Broken Typewriter Collection

Above, left to right: (01) (Brother) Webster 300, (02) Sears Chevron, (03) (Olivetti) Underwood 330, (04) Royal Royalite '65,  (05)  (Royal) Singer Scholastic T-4, (06) Smith-Corona electric.

Above, left to right: (07) Royal Caravan, (08) Smith-Corona Skyriter, (09) Hermes Rocket, (10) Montgomery-Ward Escort 350.

Above, left to right: (11) Olivetti Lettera 22, (12) Olivetti Lettera 22, (13) Olivetti Lettera 32, (14) Olivetti Lettera 32, (15) Royal Sprite.

Above, left to right: (16) Remington Noiseless, (17) Smith-Corona electric (I am not necessarily a collector of electrics and don't know much about them. They're just This one was gifted to me by my mother, as it belonged to her boyfriend when he died in December).

Above, left to right: (18) Underwood Standard, (19) Royal HH.

Above, left to right:) (20) Olivetti Studio 44, (21) (Olivetti) Underwood 21, (22) (Brother) Montgomery-Ward Signature 510, (23) (Smith-Corona) Sears Citation 12, (24) (Smith-Corona) Sears Tower President XII.

Above: (25) Smith-Corona word processing typewriter, early 1990s. Still packed in foam, with all paperwork. Probably used just a few times.

Above, left to right: (26) Hermes 3000, (27) Olympia DeLuxe, (28) Royal Sabre.

Above, left to right: (29) Remington Personal-Riter, (30) (Olivetti) Montgomery-Ward Escort 450, (31) Olivetti Lettera 35

Above, left to right: (32) Smith-Corona Silent Super, (33) Royal Model O, (34) Underwood Noiseless (in wrong case, long story).

Above, left to right: (35) (Smith-Corona) Tower, (36) Remington-Rand Portable Deluxe.

Above, left to right: (37) Remington Letter-Riter, (38) Underwood Golden Touch Jewell, (39) Royal Quiet Deluxe.

Above, left to right: (40) Smith-Corona Clipper, (41) Underwood Universal Quiet Touch.

Above, left to right: (42) Smith-Corona Clipper, (43) Royal Heritage. 

Here at last, all are in the same room. It's a very small room, mind you, but it is a room. In fact, there is so little space between the two facing shelves that I couldn't step back far enough to get good pictures, and not enough light to make everything completely visible. Regardless, here they are...all 43 of my adopted children. Some have led lives of reckless abandon and abuse, while some have been stored away and forgotten for half a century. Some work flawlessly while some not at all. They are what they are, but at least they're here.


  1. Interesting assortment of cases, interesting in their own right, and many in apparently very good condition (unlike the majority of mine). :)

  2. Very nice collection and good organized storage.