Friday, June 21, 2013

The Phantom Olympia SG2: A Slight Update

Regarding the typewriter (above) that I misidentified as the Olympia SG2: It wasn't. It appears instead to have been an SM2 (but don't hold me to that). The SG2, had it existed, would be an entirely different (and much larger) machine. But did it exist? A commenter to my previous post insisted that it didn't.

But I stress that I'm not a typewriter expert. So where do I turn for the final word? To a typewriter expert.

In early 2012, three members of the Yahoo Typewriters Group (all longtime collectors) confirmed the existence of the machine here. Two said they own the SG2, but they are quite rare and there is no company literature documenting they were made. In the end, neither supplied a photo. I'd love to see one.

From the discussion:

"It was not made in large numbers. It was a simpler model."
"Yes. I have one- it's basically like the SG3, but without tabs. It types very nicely."
"The Olympia SG 2 was a simplified Machine that looks very similar like the early SG 3-N. It is a little bit smaller (only very little difference!), and has smaller platen turn knobs. Best visual difference is the missing of the large tab keys above the keyboard. It has a tab, but only with a small key at the right of the top key row, and a set-clear-lever at the left of the keyboard. This model was made in very limited numbers and does not show up anywhere in literature. It is extremely hard to find, I have one in my collection, butI only have seen one other example in 35 years of typewriter business and collecting."

In conclusion, I freely admit to being wrong about the typewriter due to an error on my part, but in the end I was vindicated by pure stupid luck. Wild, huh?

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