Friday, June 21, 2013

Time Machine.

Here's a beautiful typewriter. This is a circa 1961 Smith-Corona Clipper. Very clean, looks and works like it's brand new. I can't tell you how much I paid. I know it wasn't that much. Perhaps I've taken something to block the memory. I'm sure it wasn't that expensive, since I am a man of modest means.

Nicely detailed inside and out. If my insides were this clean I'd live forever, too.

One of the few times I've gotten a typewriter in the mail and didn't have to clean the white gunk off the keys. What IS that stuff, anyway? I suspect it's mold, or DNA residue from space aliens who used the typewriters in the past.

Case is clean but mildly dented. Has protected this typewriter for over fifty years. Cases can be notorious filth traps. This one's in good shape.

Underside. I wish my underside was this clean. Unlike typewriters, us humans have to shower at least once every ten days.

Back. Looks like a slight dent. It doesn't even show up this well when you look at it in person. The bad lighting seems to have brought it out.

This was owned by "Spector". Hopefully not Phil Spector. If there's an evil spirit that makes me point guns at rock stars and kill b-movie actresses, I am gonna be pissed. Or Arlen Spector, the ambitious Junior Counselor for the Warren Commission who invented the "single bullet theory" that proved Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin that shot JFK. I bet the Spector who was the previous owner of this typewriter was a somewhat less interesting, less controversial individual.

Type sample. These machines were very popular and Smith-Corona ultimately sold millions of them. In fact, I have four. This one, a much older Clipper with a slight skipping problem, and two Towers (re-badged and sold at Sears & Roebuck stores). They're plentiful and cheap, though you'd be hard-pressed to find one this clean.

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