Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Day No Typewriters Would Grow

Sometimes you just can't win. Spotted this pretty Sears Tower Tabulator (Smith-Corona rebadge) at an antique store in Lufkin, Texas today. There was no price on it, and the wobbly typewriter table it was on was marked $20. However, when you hit the keys, nothing happens. The ribbon vibrator moves up but none of the keys do anything. Assuming they were stuck, I worked one of the letters up, but the keys didn't move. They don't seem to be attached to anything. Bummer.

Royal (Safari? I didn't pay attention to the model name, should have). Nice condition....yes....works fine...yes...$30....yes. BUT. It's cursive script. I have no use for a script typewriter and I'm not in the business to try and sell them. Doesn't seem worth it.

Nice big Remington here. Works well as far as I can tell, seems to pass all the functionality tests (but didn't check the bell, which I normally do). My interest waned when I got a load of the $65 price tag. It's probably worth it, if you've got room for another huge typewriter (I don't) and if you have $65 to throw around (which I do, but don't...you know what I'm saying). If this was a $35 typewriter, we'd talk. It's certainly beautiful, I'll grant you that, and I'd love to have it. I just don't have the space for my own neglected mechanical children. I'm not ready to adopt again.

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