Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Step Back

The final mail-order typewriter has arrived, giving me a grand total of 54 machines. It is exactly one more than space allows, so it's sort of wedged in there.  It fits, more or less.

While I wait for resolution of my Etsy claim, I need to get back to work. I love typewriters, but they're a distraction from my writing. I write my stories on my laptop using a mini USB keyboard instead of the horrible keyboard that laptops always seem to have. I'd love to do it on a typewriter, but I get impatient, and I'd just have to retype everything into the computer again anyway.

So, I'll update things here when I find something out about the case, or when I can get some more pictures taken of the rest of my collection, but meanwhile I have a novel to work on. Or, several.

I have, in various stages of completion, two novels and about twenty short stories. None of them exceedingly far along...but if I devoted some time to them, I'd have something.

Point is, I have had the time but have not used it properly.

So I'll update when I find out something. Otherwise I need to finish one of these two novels, then the other one, in the next 90 days or so.

I will focus on that for a spell and get back to you.


  1. 54, a grand old number for a collection. Sad to hear of your continuing Etsy problem.

    Have you tried any OCR software? Some of the NaNoWriMo people use thier typewriter and convert to digital with OCR software. Some typefaces work better than others, and no software package is 100% even the wordprocessing packages that correctly spell the wrong words.

  2. Good luck on the writing! Sometimes the hardest part is just getting all the easy distractions out of the way

  3. Enjoy that writing! I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labours soon.

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