Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Now Cracks a Noble Heart

The last auction and mail-order typewriters have arrived. I got a Smith-Corona with its own issues today. I'll discuss that one later. Still out is one that I'm pretty sure I will never see. I bought this on May 23rd from an Etsy seller whose name I have obscured. 

It did seem like a great deal - $45, free shipping - even though there was no case promised or shown. I do have a good case from another hopeless Olympia that I believe will fit. Even if it doesn't, it's a good price. 

It wasn't long before I noticed the item hadn't been shipped. Then I saw this message on the seller's Etsy profle.

An attempt to contact the seller got a copy of the same message sent to me. No other contact from the seller or their friends.

The seller also stiffed another buyer, who left a less-than-kind review.

 I don't know if complaining will do any good, or contacting Etsy, or PayPal, or whoever. I have no clue if the seller is even alive, or if this is some sort of scam. I do know many people who have died of cancer, and I take it seriously. In the end it's only money, and I understand that. I would feel like a huge scumbag if I gave someone a hard time and this was all on the up-and-up. They have many great reviews and a good transaction history. But I do know the item hasn't shipped, and I have no indication it ever will. I will hesitate to leave a nasty review or e-mail, because that's not going to help. All I can do is play wait and see. I hate playing wait and see. It kinda sucks.

UPDATE: After another attempt to make contact went unanswered I had a PayPal investigation opened. If not resolved by July 7, I can file a claim. I don't even care if I get the typewriter now, just want my money back. A little snooping on the seller's profile revealed that this same typewriter was sold to someone on May 6, two weeks before I bought it. Suspicious.


  1. A very bad hazard of on line buying. I wonder if you can get a refund from your credit card if you used a CC on PayPal. Seems to me one of them has fraud protection. Some are zero amount and some are anything over fifty dollars.
    Sure is a nice looking SM 3 or 4 though.

    1. I found an e-mail address for the store owner and wrote her again about it. Will wait a few days for a response, then I'm just filing a complaint with PayPal. They give you 45 days to dispute a charge, so that's probably my best option if the seller won't answer.

  2. Wow tough situation to be in. Hope it works out

    1. Thanks. Since the seller has screwed other buyers I might have a chance. I'll let you know.