Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Case of the Truant Typewriter - Update

Have officially opened a case with PayPal. I got in touch with another person who bought a typewriter from the same seller and was similarly stiffed. She advised me to file a claim. I have until the 7th to do this, but I want to make sure the seller doesn't respond in the next few days. It won't really make a difference at this point, though. It's probably best just to try and get my money back if I can. Either way, be it fraud or the seller is just dead, I don't expect to actually get a refund. It's worth a shot.


  1. You can still open a case. It does not affect their feedback unless the case is not solved to your satisfaction and you post negative FB. A case will affect their Ebay status though. Too many cases and Ebay will boot them.

    1. It's Etsy and they're all screwed up. I was going to wait a few more days for the seller to respond, but the seller's store has completely disappeared now. I went ahead and filed the claim. That's probably the only real hope I have of getting anything back now.