Saturday, February 1, 2014

Read My Typos and Weep

Here are the facts: A) Meat Loaf's Dead Ringer album wasn't very good, and B) a Jim Steinman album without Jim Steinman producing it isn't really worth hearing. That aside (and, seriously, a duet on the album with Cher?), this is probably the strongest track on the disc. It was actually covered by Barry Manilow a few years later (and there's a creepy video of Barry's version with him in white clownface), but this is better. Meat is seen at a portable typewriter at several points in the video. I have to wonder what he's typing. He seems really intense about it. Dear Sammich: I love you. I want to cover you with mustard, and dip you in aus jus sauce....

Jokes aside, Meat Loaf is in many ways the Elvis of my generation. The fact that he's appearing in Vegas now has sealed this for me. He is in the increasingly less-unique position of being a sixty-five-year-old rock star now, though, and that is tarnishing the legend a bit. Someday he'll be gone, with any luck we'll forget/forgive the last freakshow twenty-odd years of his life.

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  1. I remember Meatloaf and many of the 65 and older Rockers. I'm amazed at how many of the old groups are still together. Gee, aren't these guys supposed to be in their 20's?

    Too bad they did not somehow work into the video what he was typing. Gibberish perhaps and that would have degraded the video.