Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tales From the Inside

Rockers and Skyriters and Chevrons and Escorts and 22s and 32s...
 Finally got a day off, the the moving of the typewriters has begun. There are two metal shelves in the walk-in closet that face each other, with about 3-1/2 ft between them. I moved most (34) of the typewriters in today.
And Sprites and Royalites and Personal-Riters and Signatures and President XIIs....
As you can see, the adjustable brackets on the left shelf need to be let down so that the typewriters fit better. The idea is to put them in sideways, as you can see I did with the Olivetti 22s and 32s above. They need about another inch of clearance to truly fit comfortably.
And Model Os and 3000s and Noiselesses and gifted electrics...
 But, with the brackets on the left shelf properly adjusted, it looks like everything is going to fit. There are two shelves fully empty, and just a few more typewriters left in the storage unit to go. The only things that are not going to work with this setup are the Underwood Standard and the great big fat Royal HH that are still in the storage unit. I could just give them a shelf all their own, though.
And on and on and on....
So, with that done (and it looks like rain most of this week, so who knows when that's going to happen), the Deep East Texas Broken Typewriter Museum will be back in business. Can't wait.

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  1. Great storage. I need to make some changes to my shelves and put some wood on them so I can store machines on the side. I have wire shelves and they do not allow easy sliding.

    I store my HH on a small mover's dolly under my desk. The typewriter has a cover so dust is not a problem. A dolly for plants works too. I had stolen the one my wife uses under one of her big plants until I got to Harbor Freight for the small mover dolly. Northern Tool sells them too.